All interviews with Jennifer Lawrence should come with her drinking glasses of wine if it brings out this kind of juice.

J.Law was one 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' last night to promote her upcoming movie 'Joy' and with it came all sorts of revelations about her past and present, including but not excluded to filming her first ever sex scene with Chris Pratt and how she got rip-roaringly drunk beforehand.

Lawrence also spoke about her burgeoning real-life, non-psychotic friendship with Amy Schumer, who she's up against for a Golden Globe on January 10th and who she wants to win over her (it helps that J.Law already has one).

And finally, the story that is most mortifying but we love her for sharing it, is Lawrence's tale about wanting to ask out Seth Meyers when she presented SNL while he worked on it, and how she found out the hard way that that would not be possible.

Never change J.Law. Ever.