J-Law's out on the promotional trail for Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. I and doing the late night shows.

She turned up on last night's David Letterman to introduce a new clip from the film and let's just say - it got a little crazy.

Letterman totally got sidetracked talking about bowling and asked for a clip. Lawrence, bless her, had no clue about bowling and attempted a pretty decent Chris Farley impression too.

It got so bad that Letterman and Lawrence basically walked off the stage, only to return after the commercial break with Lawrence in the hosting seat.

No joke, she actually looked quite comfortable behind the seat. Could we see her taking over a late night show?

We'd watch it.

Here's a little snifter of the sheer chaos. It's so evident that Letterman is checked out and just coasting through his final season.