The old one, Gail, is an adrenaline junkie but the new one is all Stephen Colbert's fault.

Jennifer Lawrence's press tour for 'Red Sparrow' has been, as far as press tour's go, pretty successful for her. No complaints from angry natives over sacred rocks, no need for apologies or explanations everywhere she goes, just a lot of daytime drinking and kicking back and telling us about her alter ego, Gail.

Gail, for the uninitiated, is what Lawrence calls herself when she's on vacation and in full rum-swigging holiday mode, eating sea snails and jumping into shark-infested waters (no, for real).

Unfortunately though, all that kicking back caught up with her on the red carpet for the New York premiere of the film which led to the introduction of a new drunk alter ego to the world, one that anyone who's had to try and pretend to be sober in front of their parents will understand all too well.

Lawrence doesn't have a name for her yet but as you'll see below, she's got the mortification that's probably very familiar to a lot of us.