Come back J. Law. All (the haircut and the dress that is) is forgiven. We were foolish to ever doubt you.

Lawrence was at the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in London last night, and while she may have made questionable choices in the sartorial department, she continued to be the best celebrity one the planet and the only one we desperately want to be friends with. Jennifer was doing the autograph rounds at the splashy event in the freezing cold when she came across one fan who she went above and beyond to say hello to.

The as yet unnamed fan was seated in a wheelchair behind the barrier that lines the red carpet, and when J. Law met her she had security move the barrier so she could go into the crowd to get close enough to talk to the girl properly (We like to imagine she said 'Move this, I need to talk to her. Move this, or I'm going over it.', because you know she would have).

Jennifer then gets right on down and talks to the girl, who clearly is a superfan and gets emotional about the whole thing, and then Lawrence gives her a kiss and a hug and just makes her entire night.

Seriously Jennifer. We love you. Never. Change.

>Our Jennifer Lawrence love in continues: she refuses to diet for roles. And that's putting it politely.