Obviously the dramatic twist with True Confessions is down to the fact that not all the confessions are true... It's down to the other two opponents to decipher if what you're saying is true, or a lie. In short, it's Would I Lie To You, only they've not gone and made an ENTIRE tv show out of it stateside. Yet. 

In this installment of True Confessions, we have Jennifer Lawrence recount the time she necked an Ambien before shooting a scene for The Hunger Games... but did she?! Did Jimmy Fallon pen a song called 'Am I Doing It Wrong' and offer it free of charge to Sir Paul McCartney?!! And did John Oliver make The Queen a Feta Cheese omelette? Or, aged 19, did he get thrown out of a sauna for not being naked enough??!

The highlight of the segment, however, is when Fallon naturally points out that Jennifer Lawrence has a bet in the belfry. Or, to put it more indelicately, she's got a snot hanging out of her nose.