Yes ladies and gents, J.Law is back and just as much fun as ever doing the rounds on the press tour for X-Men: Days of Future Past. And her hair has grown out, which is a serious plus.

The game? Jimmy and Jennifer take turns opening mystery boxes and then try to stump the other about the contents of it. And of course Oscar winner Lawrence is a pro, her poker face is nothing short of perfect. The game also lends itself to some pretty spectacular quotable moments, including Jennifer uttering the words 'Inside my box is a very curious thing'.

There are other moments of pure J.Law wonder, and it's well worth the six minutes it takes the pair to play three simple rounds of the game as they're just having too much fun. These two need to have their own show full-time.

And yes, we still desperately want to be mates with Lawrence. Who wouldn't be.

Via YouTube