We don't know when Jeff Goldblum transformed and decided to go full whackadoodle Goldblum but we're really glad he did.

Goldblum was on Conan last night for, as far as we can tell, no reason other than 'just because' and boy did he go all-in on the Goldblum antics.

Sharing stories and views about parenthood, new dad Jeff had a lot to say and share on the topics of circumcision, bonding with his son and plenty of questions for O'Brien and Andy Richter about whether or not it would be a good idea to have 'number two'. He also provided his trademark growls and unpredictable weird noises that make him all the more watchable. In short it was a riot, but a riot very much worth watching.

You'll feel like you need a cigarette after (even if you don't smoke).

Via Team Coco