Of all the Arquette's Jared Leto could've have had sex with, Alexis was not at the top of our list. The transsexual comes second, after Patricia - but more on that shortly. First to this here video showcasing Jared on The Tonight Show last night, in which he engages in an "intense staredown" with Jimmy Fallon.

We have "intense staredown" in inverted commas because they don't actually stare anything down at all. That aside, make sure you play close attention to Jared's "succubus" and "1,000 titillated shebeasts" references - you'll appreciate them more when you come to part II of this post below. And, yes, that is Jared's own hair.

Now to our "investigation" involving Jared's bedding of Alexis Arquette, while he was a man. Said investigation started and stopped with this RadarOnline article which says Jared Leto bedded Alexis Arquette while he was "presenting as a man."

Alexis, in case you weren't aware, started off as the brother and is now the sister of fellow sibling actors David, Richmond, Patricia and Rosanna. She makes Stephen Baldwin look run of the mill. That's her in the middle there.

Alexis had this to say of her experience with Leto: "Yes, it’s not only massive; it’s like a Praetorian Guard’s helmet."

That statement is impossible to follow up with any further text, so we'll leave you with this picture of Alexis instead.