When it comes to winning an Oscar, turning in an awards worthy performance is just half the battle. 

You also need to play the game, which is what Jamie Foxx learned after an intervention from Oprah. During a recent interview, Foxx outlined how he was living it up and having the time of this life during awards season thinking he was going to sail towards Oscar success without any work. 

However as he reveals in the below video, it took some home truths from the likes of Oprah, Quincy Jones and Sidney Poitier to get him to pull himself together and do what was needed to take home Oscar gold. 

"Your performance made me grow two inches." Poitier told Foxx when he arrived at his birthday party.

If that isn't going to motivate a young actor then nothing will. Of course Foxx went on to take the Best Actor this year, becoming only the third African American to win the award.