HAH - IN YOUR FACE, MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Last week, you may recall something of an unfortunate game of Charades on Fallon in which Michael Douglas failed to recognise the name of Cryer's most famous film to date. It was very awks - 'awkchestrated' (see what we did there) or not.

Now James Corden has swooped in to effectively remind/educated the masses regarding Jon Cryer's seminal moment in film. And here it is (of course James co-stars).

Hasn't he aged well? I mean, give him the wig and it is Duckie - only with slightly less slick dance moves. OK, so it doesn't really do the original justice, so here it is in all its glory. I thought he was the coolest creature on the planet when he slides through the door. Yes, even cooler than when Tom Cruise did it in his underpants.