Steve-O's up to his old tricks. Except this time, they've got a purpose.

The comedian / stunt performer managed to get himself up on a traffic sign and do a little on-the-spot editing of a sign for tourist attraction SeaWorld.

Steve-O managed to cover over the words "SeaWorld Drive" with "SeaWorld Sucks", in protest of SeaWorld's ongoing existence and general not-being-cool.

If you didn't Blackfish, check it out. It's a brilliant watch and will genuinely frighten you.

Anyway, Steve-O's been cited with a traffic infraction and can either pay a €239 fine or he can take the matter to the court.

The California Highway Patrol had asked that Steve-O be charged with vandalism and criminal trespass, however the lesser charge was served.

PETA (People For Ethical Treatment of Animals) have said they will pay Steve-O's fine.

Here's the video in question.



via LA Times