Press tours can be quite difficult for some celebrities.

You're travelling through many countries with distinctly different cultures, all with their own customs. For us, it's getting celebrities to hang out in dingy tourist-trap pubs drinking watery Guinness whilst people share pictures of it on Twitter. In South Korea, however, it's much different.

Variety game shows are how South Korea deals with celebrities and, to be honest, it's a far better system with this latest example proving our point. Jack Black is currently out promoting Kung-Fu Panda 3 and, sure enough, was asked on to Infinite Challenge, a game-show that's presumably quite popular in the region.

Black's challenge involved him facing off against a contestant for a Marshmallow challenge. The premise is simple - whoever stuffs the most marshmallows into their mouth wins. First one to spit them out loses. Black, it would seem, was approaching the challenge from a considered, logical standpoint because he knew exactly how to fit those marshmallows in.

In fact, he was so good at it that it horrified his fellow contestants. Take a look.


Black obviously had a convincing lead from the start and capitalised on it. Well done, Jack Black, you're a credit to mankind.

Seriously though, we as a nation need to consider having celebrities do this from now instead of getting them to pull a pint of Guinness in a pub. For one, it'd be much more dignified.


Via YouTube