While we're slogging on through the depths of despair that is our January, Australians are dealing with their own summertime sadness in the form of a heatwave that is seeing temperatures rise to above 44°C.

And while that may sound like a preferable alternative as we shiver in our office, it's actually wreaking havoc on the continent, with the Australian Open the latest victim as matches have been halted due to the intense heat. One player even hallucinated Snoopy and passed out after only a few short minutes of play in Melbourne.

Canadian Frank Dancevic was only in the first set of his match against France's Benoit Paire According to Dancevic: 'I was dizzy from the middle of the first set and then I saw Snoopy and I thought, "Wow Snoopy, that’s weird". I couldn’t keep my balance anymore and I leaned over the fence and when I woke up people were all around me.'

Dancevic went on to lose in straight sets after recovering, but even high profile players are suffering thanks to the heat. World No.1 and now fiancee to Rory McIlroy Caroline Wozniacki had her water bottle melt on court, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s shoes started softening in the heat and Jelena Jankovic burned her arse after sitting on an uncovered seat.

Suddenly this cold weather just got a whole lot more appealing.