Everyone loves Paul Rudd, from being Mike on Friends to teaching us to 'slappa da bass', we will fight you if you have a bad word to say about him. 

It turns out that even other celebrities love Paul Rudd too and are total fangirls, just like Mark Ruffalo. The Ruffster (we're calling him that because we hope it will catch on, and then one day he'll invite us to be his friend) spotted Rudd giving an interview about Ant-Man at Comic Con and couldn't help himself, asking the interviewers 'Is that Paul Rudd?' and staring at him entranced. 

Alright, so he's probably taking the piss a little bit, but we still think this is brilliant, mainly because Rudd either is totally unaware of what Ruffalo is doing, or is choosing to ignore it. We're not sure which.

Via BuzzFeed