The Tel Aviv derby was suspended last night after a fan got on the pitch and tried to start a fight with one of the players. 

There were pretty shocking scenes at the Bloomfield stadium last night as Eran Zahavi, a former Hapoel Tel Aviv player who is now playing for their rivals Maccabi, slotted home a penalty to draw things level, and made a gesture towards the fans that obviously got them annoyed. 

One fan in particular was outraged, so much so that he ran past security and confronted Zahavi, throwing a few punches before winding up for a kick. Zahavi went to defend himself, and security eventually piled on the pitch to take him away.

The ref decided to show a red card to Zahavi, and then things really kicked off. The players themselves lost the plot and the fans went ballistic, first running on to the pitch and then they began throwing things. The atmosphere turned extremely hostile and the the players were instructed to head down the tunnel, under a hail of objects coming from the crowd.

Rightly, the referee then decided to suspend the game and the press has already dubbed this "the darkest night in Israeli football".