You can fully expect to hear this song being played at full blast in the Bernard Shaw, or if it was still alive, Twisted Pepper.

This three-minute remix of crazed electronic beats, random samplings of The Simpsons and secondary school-level Irish has gone viral across Facebook in a single day, racking up over 90,000 views. Do we know why that is?

Absolutely not. But we know that we love this song and that we need to get this charting and into nightclubs across the land and out to the nations of the world.


Bart Simpson - Is Maith Liom Techno

Dia duit, is mise Bart Simpson.Bart Simpson's turbo techno banger, 'Is Maith Liom Techno'. Massive remake of a classic Irish listening tape. Yup nana

Posted by An Criú Craiceáilte on Friday, 25 March 2016


Buckfast comes in a can now, by the way? We genuinely had no idea. Also, fair play for throwing in Amber Leaf with Patty & Selma, we'd fully expect the pair of them to be out in the smoking section whilst dancing away like eejits.

This is going to be played repeatedly and loudly in every college house party from now until the end of the year. Get used to it.


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