And here we were thinking that proposing to your better half in front of huge crowds was a thing of the past.

We thought the bassist from Kodaline proposing to his missus in front of Ed Sheeran's Croke Park crowd was pretty good, then of course there was the time Ed Sheeran helped a guy propose in Austin. Actually, come to think of it, he played someone's first song at a wedding too, and there was the video for Think Out Loud, what's his obsession with marriage? 

Anyway, we've found our new favourite proposal, not just because it was very romantic, and had a happy ending, but because it was done on the set of one of the most romantic plays we've ever seen.

Joe Byrne decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Shellie at the end of Saturday's performance of Once the Musical in the Olympia Theatre, which probably would have ruined the show for him had he not got the answer he was looking for.

Best of luck to the couple, but come on, seriously Joe? How are the rest of us meant to top that now?