37-year-old Irishman Stephen Montague, and his brother-in-law Shane Wolf, were properly shoved off his chair by a half-blind Bull elephant while safariing in Africa.

There they were, just enjoying a bite to eat in Zimbabwe, when the elephant quietly wandered up to the group (the quietness all round is testament to the general feeling of OHHOLYCRAPness during the ordeal) before gently - think about it, it's a very large elephant - nudging both men from their chairs, knocking over the crockery in the process. 

The Independent have since spoken to Stephen's father Paddy, who had this to say from his native Co. Tyrone: "He is OK and he is continuing with his holiday in Zimbabwe. He wouldn't let something like that stop him. He loves to go where the action is." His mother, Patricia, added: "These kind of holidays with wild animals wouldn't be for me but Stephen and (American wife) Shannon love them. They took what happened in their stride. The elephant wandered into the compound looking for something to eat. One of the guards threw it something but that made it bolder and it headed over to the table. Stephen is fine and that's what is most important to us."

So the elephant was just hungry. It wasn't payback for Cecil The Lion