Although we might have suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Belgians, we can come away from the defeat knowing that there was no lack for Irish support.

In fact, yet another example of Irish fans doing their part to keep up the national reputation came late last night when Irish supporters serenaded the French gendarmes in Bordeaux with the usual refrain of Pet Shop Boys' "Go West", except replacing the chorus with "Stand Up For The French Police".

Magic stuff, really. Take a look.

Yes, there was also chants of Allez Les Blues and Shane Long's On Fire, which has to make you think that Gala's Freed From Desire is going to make a huge return to the charts at some point in the coming weeks.

At the very least, we'd have to expect Pet Shop Boys to be getting a royalty check for the amount of times Irish fans have used Go West as the basis of their chants.


Via YouTube