September rolled around before you could blink an eye, and with it came dancing girls, devil cats and McNugget madness. It was like Halloween came early.

5. Terrified Irish women facing off against talking 'Devil cat' is the funniest thing ever

Two Irish women being terrified by a cat shouldn't be as funny as this, but it is.

4. Love/Hate Nidge impersonator Eoin Duffy is at it again, hilarious.

We really went Love/Hate mad this year, but at least some were able to make comedy out of it all.


3. Crazy lady goes on McNugget rampage - NSFW

A warning to all. Never deny someone their McNuggets. Especially when they're batshit insane.

2. The speech that got Russell Brand kicked out of the GQ Awards

Oh Russell. You can't be let out anywhere can you?

1. Little girl dancing to Gangnam Style at a wedding is the best thing ever

This girl is our hero. Now excuse us while we go learn some choreography.