From Crumlin to Gotham, the internet was full of gold in October. We got to see a whole lot of dancing and some serious emotion courtesy of one gorgeous wee nipper and his mama's singing and Jennifer Maguire proved why she's made of the toughest stuff going.


5. Woman quits job via dance in viral video

If there's any good way to quit your job, dancing it out has to be the best. But when the company respond? Well that's even better.

4. Baby getting emotional as mother sings to it will make your day

Too. Many. Feelz.

3. When horsing around is a lot more painful than it sounds

Chewing the ear off someone is a phrase this guy is probably going to wince at for life.

2. Installing a water meter in Crumlin is the funniest/most dangerous job in Ireland for RTE

Jennifer Maguire: Balls of Steel. Girl, you won the month and probably the year for us, no matter what anyone says.


1. Why Batman and Superman would and should never team up (NSFW)

Batman can be a real jerk.