We went around the world with the WTF action in May, from our own backgarden and some very unruly behaviour to Anchorman pranks Down Under via two American men discovering the pain of giving birth. Here's your top five.


5. Australian TV host suffers Anchorman autocue prank

Mean? Yes. But also brilliant.


4. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal

The baby goose himself was very absent from our lives this year, so we had to make do with some brilliant Vine-ing and some cereal.

3. Two little shitbags damage Dublin's most famous Phil Lynott statue

Thankfully Phil is back where he belongs now!


2. Irish cyclist and driver in city centre showdown

Driving in Dublin: stressful for everyone.


1. Two men try out what it feels like to give birth

Ladies around the world finally felt some satisfaction when these two mean simulated birthing pains.