Even more batshit weather, even more J.Law greatness, even more pranks and a whole lot of Get Lucky. July was well good.


5. That crazy thunderstorm that flooded Dublin last night

Seriously, we thought the world was ending.

4. Jennifer Lawrence gets completely starstruck by Jeff Bridges

Just when we thought we couldn't love her anymore, she derps and derps hard.

3. Boyfriend terrifies girlfriend with real-life 'The Ring' prank

To be fair, this was terrifying.

2. Canadian couple documented their trip to Ireland and made us look amazing

It would take two foreigners to make us look good, wouldn't it?

1. Taxi driver Gets Lucky on the streets of Dublin. Legend.

While we were all OD-ing on Daft Punk this summer, this taxi driver proved why Dubliners have such a good rep around the world.