Everyone is talking about the iPhone 6, but there's another new development for Apple fans that will bring them head first in to the world of virtual reality. And a telephone pole, probably.

Virtual reality looks set to be the next big thing, or at least that's what major companies like Sony and Facebook are hoping for as they continue to pour money into their respective forays into the field, Project Moprpheus and Oculus Rift. 

Apple might not have been so forward-thinking yet, but a company in Toronto, Metatecture, is stepping up their game to produce the AirVR, that will turn your iPad Mini or your iPhone 6 into a virtual reality headset with a Kickstarter project.

The AirVR, which you can see in the video below, fits the iPad or iPhone by sliding it into a plastic headset, and on the inside you have what look like goggles for viewing the device, which is held directly in front of your face. Obviously, there would need to be apps developed to make the best of it, but Metatecture say they're already in the works, as are other accessories and peripherals like controllers for gaming.

Still, despite this looking like possibly the stupidest thing in the world and something that will definitely cause your eyes to burn in pain, they're already close to their $20,000 goal, and are just over $7,000 away at the time of writing. People are full of surprises.

They hope to have it up for sale by early 2015, costing $49 a pop, which isn't bad money, we suppose. Now you just need a further 700 quid to get yourself that iPhone.

Via The Verge