CM Punk's yet to get in the ring with UFC, but he's been taking part in some events while he's set up in his first match.

The former wrestler's quick-witted mic skills were on full display yesterday when he took part in a Q&A session at UFC Fight Night.

One "fan" approached the mic and asked CM Punk for a fight, but started off his question by saying, "You might remember me from Twitter..."

Needless to say, the audience and Punk had a good chuckle. But, sure enough, the dumbass wouldn't back down.

Take a look.

Wow. That's some real Internet tough-guy speak going on there. CM Punk did try to be gracious about the whole thing and let him leave with some level of dignity, but he keeps at it.

Honestly, what do people who do this sort of stuff think is going to happen? And why call them out in a public place like that?

They spend their career working a room and speaking. You honestly think you can do better?

Poor guy. He's never going to live that down.


Via Liveleak