By any barometer or measurement you to wish to use, it's pretty much a given that Idris Elba is cool.

The star of HBO's The Wire, Luther, Pacific Rim (his character was called STACKER PENTECOST, like), and many more did something that - if it were anyone else - you'd be rolling your eyes at them and scoffing.

But, here we are, seriously reconsidering the whole public engagement thing. The moment took place just before a cast-and-crew screening of Elba's directorial effort, Yardies, and saw him propose to girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre.

Luckily enough, someone was able to catch the moment and post the whole thing on Instagram for us all to see. Weep, and know that you will never be Mrs. Idris Elba. Unless, y'know, they get divorced and he decides to remarry you.

In which case, congratulations on a long and happy marriage.


Via Instagram