The first of many face palm TV moments of 2018 has arrived.

A clip from an episode of Jeopardy! which aired earlier in this week has been trending online after a mispronunciation cost a contestant $3200.

Nick Spicher was answering a question in the 'Music & Literature Before & After' category and pronounced Coolio's classic 1995 song ‘Gangsta's Paradise’ as ‘Gangster's Paradise’.

The answer was initially accepted but after a re-evaluation, it was judged to be incorrect, forcing host Alex Trebek to drop he amount of money Spicher had so far collected.

The contestant, as you can see below, was quietly crushed, and many have contested the decision, which you can see below.


Interestingly, Coolio himself has since told TMZ that he “probably would have gave it to him,” adding “but let me explain this to you, and this is for white people - the E-R will always get you in trouble.”

And Spicher did end up winning the game anyway, so there’s that.