The East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) is not the highest level of the beautiful game of ice hockey in Canada, but they still run it like a professional league. 

That means that during the break, players are grabbed for quick interviews to get their perspective on the game and to give their opinion before they head in at the half. Most players are not huge fans of these interviews, and they often turn out to be pretty generic too, but not Ray Kaunisto. 

The Kalamazoo Wings center decided that for his most recent interview on the ice, he'd try to sneak in as many 'meows' as he could, in an apparent nod to the movie Super Troopers.

We have to commend the fact that he keeps such a straight face, and that he never really loses the serious tone that the game demands.

In case this reference is lost on you, then you need to sort yourself out, but here's little helping hand for you.

Via BleacherReport