As we reported just yesterday, Hulk Hogan's winnings from the Gawker trial have now topped out at $140 MILLION in both compensatory and punitive damages combined.

Lawyers for Gawker Media called the amount awarded to Hogan "debilitating" and it seems the vultures are swirling in the air for the beleaguered online publication. Hogan, however, is back on the media circuit and taking interviews. His first interview, with Good Morning America, was pretty straightforward - except for one little story where he met Gawker Media founder Nick Denton in a men's bathroom during the trial.

As Hogan explains, the toughest part of the entire trial was explaining what happened to his two children, Nick and Brooke Hogan. As well as this, Hogan called his own actions that were the focus of the trial "embarrassing" and that, ultimately, he was accountable.

Gawker, however, have said that they're confident they'll win the case on appeal and have cited the fact that Bubba Clem, Hogan's former friend and the husband of the woman Hogan had sex with during the tape, was not interviewed during the course of the trial. If Gawker's appeal fails and they're forced to pay out, it's entirely possible that Gawker could fold - or come under the ownership of Hulk Hogan himself.

Here's the interview in full.