There have been spectacular and somewhat terrifying images coming from Sydney, Australia today as a massive storm rolled into the city, with tourists and locals alike sharing photos and videos of the 'cloud tsunami' that appeared in the skies above Bondi Beach.

Forecasters warned of large hailstones, heavy rainfall and strong winds as the storm system moved in and people were warned to stay clear of power lines, trees and drains.

The phenomenon, known as a 'shelf cloud', and is caused by 'moist air mixing with cooler winds' are a common occurrence but usually don't form as large or intimidating as this.

Sydney Morning Herald photographer Nick Moir told Sky News: "This is a pretty significant one, plus it's been a warm day, a lot of people are out - particularly at Bondi - and this huge mammoth storm just started rolling up the coast and of course social media went atomic. Generally, with severe storms, often flash flooding is actually the real killer - not so much the tornadoes or massive hail."

Thankfully the storm has already moved through Sydney and is making its way up the coast, with things expected to return to normal by Saturday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for regions including the Sydney metropolitan, Hunter and the Illawarra. Footage by SMH photographer Nick Moir.

Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald - on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Via Sky News