Leaving/Junior Cert students take note - Irish internet vlogger Clisare (who brought us internet greats like Irish girl surprise homecoming) is hear to give you all her top tips on writing an Irish or English essay for the Leaving or Junior Cert.

We realise the English essay part is a bit redundant at this stage but you probably shouldn’t take a lot of this advice on board any way.

Par exemple: "Don't forget to write about how Irish is a dead language and you hate learning it and no one in Ireland can speak it anyway because examiners love to know that their whole life's world has been just a complete and utter waste of time."

On the other hand: "Basically re-write the Merchant of Venice in the modern day with text speak with your teacher’' names and make it all a dream at the end." Sounds like a pretty kick-ass essay.

Have a watch and enjoy the brief respite from study. We’ll be outside sunning ourselves.