Prepare to have a rage migraine.

YouTube channel 'Let's Grab a Beer' have made a video allegedly showing "eight global toasts to help you become a jet-setting beer ambassador", but whether or not you want to follow their advice after they ballsed up how we toast here is up to you.

Firstly the whole round business. Yes rounds are sound and a good default to go by but all in all they can be a trap for a severe amount of drinking/hangover and cause for lots of drama (we're looking at you, round-skipper).

Secondly, no one says 'Slainté'. Ever. Unless you're filming an advert for Bord Failté or taking the piss out of Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt's terrible Irish accents on film, the words never leave your lips in an Irish pub. Yes we love our native language, but the word is 'Cheers'. Deal with it.

Via YouTube