We know that football isn't much of a contact sport, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. 

A game between Real Sociedad and Marathon earlier this month in the Honduran first division has grabbed international headlines after a video surfaced showing exactly why Marathon's 'keeper, Junior Morales was sent off.

The game was level at 1-1 at the time when the referee took the decision to show Morales a red card and award a penalty to Sociedad after the linesman flagged for "aggression" towards an opponent. Obviously, that didn't go down well, and the players and keeper swarmed around the ref, which eventually led to the match being called off. You can see said "aggression" about seven seconds in to this clip. 

The Honduran FA upheld the ref's decision and awarded the game (and three points) to Sociedad despite an appeal from Marathon. Speaking to Reuters, their director of football Rolando Pena said that "It's the strangest decision I've ever seen in football, it's totally absurd. The world is laughing at us and at the referee."

Via The Toronto Sun