When you're frustrated and angry, you can do some pretty foolish things, as you're not really thinking clearly once the red mist descends.

That's why we're going to give Mitchell Skiba, who plays for the junior hockey team Alpena Flyers in Michigan, a bit of a break here since he was clearly a bit befuddled. Skiba had just been ejected from the game, and as he stormed off the ice in a fit of rage, he didn't do his calculations on the angles of getting through the small door in the barrier on the side of the rink and nearly took his head off in the process.

As he skates towards the door, he tries to slam his stick in frustration and make a slick exit, but instead manages to form a sort of barrier at the height of his own neck that completely cleans him out, leaving him with a very sore neck and a very red face.

He does the right thing at the end and simply runs away, leaving his stick behind, no need to add any further embarrassment to this situation.

Via SB Nation