As we told you yesterday, Will Ferrell is spending today playing baseball and lots of it in the Cactus League.

His first appearance took place in an Oakland Athletics' uniform, and he took to the batting cages to practice his swing before heading out on the field, and he looks to be in good form.

He was also pretty decent when tested out on the field too, although we think there may be some Hollywood magic involved here in this clip of him catching his own hit.

Despite that promising looking passage of play, Oakland decided to cut Ferrell and he headed off to the Seattle Mariners for at least an hour (give or take) before being traded to the Angels. The official MLB twitter account is also all about Will today, so if you want more updates throughout the evening then you can head over the re to keep an eye on how he gets on.

If it's more Will Ferrell you want, then head on over here and get a look at him giving our very own Man Cave a shout out along with Kevin Hart, because the two lads are sound obviously. They use the word 'craic', and in it's proper context too. 

Via Bleacher Report. Main pic via HBO on Twitter