Awards shows are boring. Apart from the potential for falling down (hi J.Law) or people taking pot shots at each other on live TV (Nicki and Miley), for the most part it's sincere speeches and plenty of self-congratulating by a group of 'elites' clapping for someone who did a fairly good job in something that you probably liked. Snore.

Ricky Gervais knows this, and that's why the Golden Globes on Sunday have all the potential to be so much more than your average awards show now that he's back in the hosting seat. Not that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler didn't do a stellar job last year, but we like the prospect of someone with zero f*cks to give standing in front of a room of people who live outside of reality and taking them to task on it. We also like the idea of said people being on edge all night wondering if they'll be targeted by Gervais, and let's face it, we hope they all are.

Need proof of why this could be brilliant? Take a gander at some of Gervais' best bits from his three year stint as host. 27 minutes of brilliance.

Via Uproxx