People seem to be awful fond of their close encounters with sea creatures lately, and while some of them are more terrifying than others and have made us never want to go back in the ocean, some of them are pretty majestic (if ever so slightly sh*t-your-pants moments).

Cimeron Morrissey was kayaking in Monterey Bay, California when she happened upon a Humpback whale that seemed to be very fond of her. So fond that it got within 12 inches of her and almost took her face off with its tale.

And before you go blaming Cimeron for her near-death(ish) experience, here's her explanation of the situation: 'We were NOT kayaking toward the whales and it is not advisable - nor is it legal - to do so. It's important to respect whales and just let them be. I think we must have been kayaking atop a huge ball of anchovies since the whales came toward us. Either that or we have serious whale magnetism!'