Things to take away from all these videos of Harry Styles just trying to go about his day in New York.

1. Being Harry Styles can be scary.

2. But Harry Styles is hella nice to his fans.

3. Even when his fans are absolute mental cases.

4. He knows how to pose in a selfie at the drop of a hat.

5. And even when people get grabby and it gets scary, he still plays it cool and waves and smiles to everyone (despite everyone screaming 'HAIRY' at him, which must be irritating).

In short, Harry Styles' life is insane and he seems to be handling it extremely well considering, except for all those ill conceived tattoos. That or he has been brainwashed into not being able to be rude to people by Simon Cowell and all the SyCo people so that he can churn money out for them forever. Or he's a robot.