We've never been to Japan, but the place seems too crazy to be an actual place.

We feel like it's one big, made-up joke that everyone is in on where crazy arcade games like this exist. It doesn't seem REAL.

So, two young Aussie men were in Japan and hanging out in one of the numerous arcades when they decided to play one of those coin-pushy-toss-flip thingys.

You know the ones? You put a coin in and then it'll push the coins off the ledge. We're convinced they glue them onto the edge.

That is, however, until after seeing this.

Take a look.

We've no idea exactly how much they won as the thing paid out arcade tokens, not coins. But, y'know, it went on for TWENTY MINUTES. And it didn't stop, either.

Hope they like arcades, because they're gonna be in there a LOT.


via Reddit / YouTube