One of the most fascinating features of our solar system is the rings of Saturn.

Composed almost entirely of ice and rock materials, the rings of Saturn were first observed by Galileo in 1610. To this day, there's no real consensus on how the rings came to be; the two main theories suggest it was either a moon that broke up when it came near to Saturn's gravity or that it was simply nebular material left behind when Saturn was formed.

Earth, of course, doesn't have one. However, Ron Pyrol, an illustrator and animator, came up with a pretty cool visualisation of how Earth might look if it had rings similar to Saturn.

Using available information on the physics of Saturn's rings, he picked several well-known locations around the planet and postulated what the rings would look like from there.

Pretty cool, right? All we need to in order to make it happen is to blow up the moon. Granted, that'd probably have an effect on the tidal forces in the planet and cause mass destruction, but it'd look cool.

So that's something, at least.


Via YouTube