Dwayne Johnson's jam is 'Shake it Off', evidently. 

You are about to learn two things that you might not have known before this point in time. Thing the first: LL Cool J is hosting a show that's more or less based around Jimmy Fallon's lip sync battles segment. Lawyers are possibly already on standby. Thing the second: The Rock loves Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off', the same as pretty much everyone else on the planet.

This all too short Instagram clip shows him performing it as his song of choice on the aforementioned LL Cool J show, and claiming that he's going to take the crown off Fallon. We believe him. 

The show itself isn't on air until April 2nd, so we presume that we'll have to wait a bit longer to get the full video. Oh how we want the full video. 

Via Uproxx.com