Look, we'll start off by saying we're no fans of Paris Hilton whatsoever.

She's a talentless rich girl who's only famous because she was in a pretty crap sex-tape. And then she had the reality show which was... awful. Just the worst.

Anyway, that being said, we've gotta say this whole thing is pretty damn cruel.

The video, which is taken from an Egyptian TV show called Ramez In Control, sees Hilton being brought onto a real-life aeroplane with a number of actors - included Ramzel Galal, the host of the show.

As you'll see, he starts off by spritzing some horrible smelling shit which, as you'd expect, pretty much everyone picks up on.

Then, it gets bad. Really bad.

The pilot, who's a trained stunt acrobat pilot, send the plane for a good few loops whilst Ramez screams in Paris' face.

The full segment, which goes on for almost 14 minutes and is in Arabic (we think), was filmed in Dubai.

It's understood she was in the region doing a promotional tour and what-not, so it's possible - unlikely, but possible that she was on this from the start.

Maybe ticket sales were lacklustre for her DJing gigs? Who knows.

As one commenter pointed, there's no way Hilton's that good of an actress, so chances are this is legit.

Here's the full segment. Skip to around 6.34 for the beginning of the prank.