There is nothing more exciting to us than on-camera footage of ghosts and aliens - primarily because we are so desperate for some hard, incontrovertible evidence.

This footage from Deerpark CBS in Ballyphehane, Cork has gone viral overnight and supposedly features some kind of poltergeist roaming the halls and knocking over wet floor signs and rocking lockers in the process.

So, here's the footage. Stand by for the facts.

Pretty scary, we think you'll agree. Is it bullshit? Yes, absolutely. First of all, it's highly irregular for CCTV cameras - especially ones in schools - to come in laser-sharp quality with sound. Second of all, who leaves a wet floor sign so clearly placed in front of a camera only for it to fall?

Thirdly, it's incredibly easy to tie piano wires around things and yank them from behind the camera. We previously saw this trick done before, and it can be convincing in low-light situations like this. Fourth, there's also the fact that a stationary camera allows you to do all sorts of editing to hide and mask movement very easily.

Our analysis? This smells like a Transition Year project. Good effort, but not enough to warrant calling in David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Transition Year students reading this, ask your parents about the X-Files.


Via YouTube