Easily, the highlight of last night's Golden Globes ceremony was the fact that Ricky Gervais was back on MC duties and fully prepared to insult anything and everyone while doing so.

Gervais, who drew a huge amount of controversy for his work at the ceremony several years ago, was back and had to introduce one of his biggest targets - Mel Gibson. Gervais, beer in hand, immediately addressed this fact and ended by saying that he'd rather have a drink with Mel Gibson in his hotel room than Bill Cosby.


Gibson took to the stage, thanking Ricky Gervais for reminding him to have a colonoscopy before Gervais returned to his side and asked him - bleeped out in the TV broadcast, mind - "what the f*** does sugart**s mean?"

The joke was in reference to Mel Gibson's 2006 arrest for driving under the influence in which Gibson called a female police officer 'sugart***' whilst being handcuffed.

Here's the exchange in full. Bite down on something, it makes the cringing less difficult.

Look, it could have gone in a MUCH different direction. It's not as if Gervais was short on material for Mel Gibson and, in fairness to Gibson, he gave as good as he got.


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