Although he's the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny still recognises who the real Boss is - namely, Bruce Springsteen.

The Fine Gael leader was spotted by several people at last night's incredible Croke Park gig giving it socks during Dancing In The Dark. He even has that Dad Dance / Air Guitar routine that all men over 50 are prone to doing whenever they hear Bruce Springsteen or Led Zeppelin.

It must come with middle-age because EVERY man of his age is prone to doing it. It's almost like a Pete Townsend swing at the guitar, but not quite.

Take a look.

Fair play to him for giving the 'oul salute to whoever was snapping him from the other side. Although, in fairness, Bruce Springsteen is on the stage doing one of the most well-known songs in Ireland and you're filming a lad from Mayo.



Via YouTube