Apart from winning the Super Bowl this past weekend, Rob Gronkowski also had another honour bestowed upon him: someone has written erotic fiction about him.

The newly-crowned Super Bowl champion appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to chat about the win, throwing a few haymakers in the dust up right before the clock ran out, and also to discuss what it was like to be the subject of some fan fiction that takes an erotic turn.

As you might expect, Kimmel had a copy of the book on hand, so in the cosy surrounds of a TV studio, complete with glass of brandy, roaring fire and leather chair, Gronk proceeded to read a passage from the book (and his poor mother in the audience and all), which was apparently the first book he'd read since the brilliant Remember a Mockingbird. We're fairly sure he means To Kill a Mockingbird, but we could be wrong, we're talking about a university graduate here, who are we to correct him?

Speaking of, by the way, To Kill a Mockingbird is getting a sequel, which was announced shortly after this segment aired. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.