Ah, Steven Seagal.

He's personal friends with Vladimir Putin, turned up in the middle of the Crimea to play a concert for pro-Russian separatists, was a sheriff in Louisiana and now he's doing martial demos in Russia.

The 63-year old action movie star, sporting a bandana and all-black suit thingy, gave a very odd "masterclass" in Russia a few months back that's... well, take a look.

Did you ever see Foxcatcher? Remember that bit when Steve Carrell gives a wrestling lesson? It's like that.

As you can, Seagal looks clearly out of breath by the end of it and what's more, people are clapping as if he just did somersaults all over the place. He pushed a guy over who was clearly feigning it.

We'll freely admit, we know next to nothing about martial arts, but is this not a little bit weird and cringey? Of course it is.


Via YouTube