The Sarah Palin Channel is the most ridiculous thing that has ever been thought of, and instead of having to parody it at all, it looks like Palin herself is doing that for us. 

Remember Sarah Palin? Who could forget, really, but when it comes to the American political landscape, voters are perhaps beginning to realise that maybe she's not all that she appeared to be when she managed to somehow end up on the White House ticket in 2008. That's right, she could have been Vice-President, but thankfully, that didn't happen.

She has since become a much less relevant figure, so in an attempt to remind people that she still exists, she launched the Sarah Palin Channel, a subscription service that will set you back just $9.95 a month (that's right, it costs more than Netflix) where you and "like-minded" folks can talk about America and the news that Washington doesn't want you to hear, apparently.

We're not sure what subscriber numbers are like, or how many are subscribed ironically, but thankfully some absolute gold has surface on YouTube, and it shows Palin at her absolute best. What is she saying? We don't know. What is she trying to say? We're even less sure. Should this person hold political office? We'll let you be the judge of that after you hear this.

Thankfully, there is a vine that sums up our feelings on that video in six short seconds.

On a related note, since this is quickly going viral, we just hope that Palin doesn't head to a fast food restaurant any time soon expecting a spit-free burger...

Via BroBible