If only every Monday came with Ryan Gosling being a charmer and doing an Irish person a solid. What a world that would be.

Gosling, who directed Ronan in 'Lost River', was at the Hollywood Awards to present Ronan with the New Hollywood Award for her role in 'Brooklyn' as well as all her other work to date. As he mentions in his speech, Ronan has appeared almost as many films as the years in her 21-year-old life and was nominated for an Oscar at the age of 13, so she's not exactly 'new' but she definitely is a powerhouse of an actor.

But that's not why we're here. Oh no, we're here because Mr. Baby Goose was once again the exemplary gent that all men should aspire to be (sorry for that high bar men) and schooled everyone in attendance in how to pronounce Saoirse.

Not "Say-or-see or Seer-say or Sor-cery. Ser-sha, like inertia". And here's us saying it 'as gaeilge' and dragging out that 'aoir' for all it's worth. 

Anyway, here's Gosling being charming and Ronan being so as well.

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