JJ Watt has just signed his name on the dotted line for a contract with Reebok, and although he won't be able to wear their gear on the filed (NFL regulations), he will be able to post videos of him working out in their clobber.

That's how he announced the new partnership, with a video on their official channel of him doing a freakishly high box jump of 61 inches or 5'1". Basically in a few more weeks, we reckon he'll be able to add a few more inches to that and will eventually just be able to straight up jump from a standing start on to his team-mate's shoulders to make some sort of giant football player that will devour us all.

Watt joins the biggest stars of the UFC in signing with Reebok, who look to be relaunching their brand with a much bigger focus on the ambassadors and the names that they get behind the brand. Watt is known for his ridiculous displays of athleticism and the fact that he played on both sides of the ball with great aplomb last season (5 touchdowns and 20 sacks), so this move is a pretty wise one from Reebok if you ask us, apart from the clunky product endorsement at the end by Watt. Sure, it was the shoes...